1. Constellations 

Armand Coeck


Prelude & Loure from BWV 1006a

2. Prelude 

3. Loure

Johann Sebastian Bach


4. Mallorca, Op. 202

Isaac Albeniz


Variations 'Sato no Aki'

5. Prelude

6. Theme

7. Variation I

8. Variation II

9. Variation III

10.Variation IV


Marek Pasieczny

The title track, Constellations, is a work by Armand Coeck.  This ethereal piece is idiotmatic to the guitar without being typical.  The textures and sections illustrate different constellations in a vast galaxy.


Two movements from the Fourth Lute Suite BWV 1006a by JS Bach are the next tracks. This work is also known as Partita No. 3 for solo violin; Bach transcribed the music for lute.  The Prelude is fast and virtuosic, while the Loure is calm and nostalgic.


Mallorca, Op 202 by Isaac Albéniz is originally for piano solo.  It is in the style of a Barcarolle which it is subtitled.  Barcarolles are folk songs sung by Venetian gondoliers. Mallorca starts plaintively, followed by  an exuberant middle section and recapitulation.


Variations 'Sato no Aki' by Marek Pasieczny closes the album.  Sato no Aki is a Japanese folk song; the text is about a child reminiscing of a time when the father was home and not at war.  Pasieczny makes use of extended techniques and timbres that emulate traditional Japanese instruments like the koto.


Constellations was recorded in late April 2013 and released in May 2013.  



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